UAT – Unusual Attitude Training

and Upset recovery


The Swiss Aerobatic Association and the MFVS/FSVM are inviting you to learn to recover stress free from unusual flight attitudes.

Experienced Instructors will train you to identify and correctly react to unplanned unusual attitudes of your plane which you might experience after a wake turbulence or a spin due to cross-control input . This experience will increase your confidence and flight safety dramatically. It could also be the beginning of your interest in aerobatic training.


The Trainings are taking place on Saturdays and last the full day from 09:00 to 17:00.

To be defined


After a theoretical introduction to relevant topics in Physiology and Aerodynamics we will brief your flight in detail in order to make you as comfortable and prepared as possible. You will then execute the procedures discussed repeatadly in practice during your flight with the UAT instructor.

You will be doing multiple exercises during the flight like: simulated Wake turbulence upsets und recovery, Cross-controls, adverse Yaw demonstrations, Stalls, Power Stalls, Overbanking, Nose high und low recovery, Loss of orientation & control.

The focus of this flight is airwork, so depending on your experience the instructor will perform the take-off and landing.

Maximum number of participants per event is five. If needed, we will organise additional trainings.

The cost for this UAT training is 500.- CHF and includes: Theory & Briefings, 1 Flight with Instructor plus Lunch.

The completion of the UAT course incl. certification can be achieved during a second day with two additional flights. Just ask your instructor at the end of the day.