Loop-In 2023 – New format

Loop-In 2023 – New format
If you are interested in aerobatics but have not yet found a way to learn more about it or get a chance to try it out yourself, the SAA Loop-In is your opportunity for a first insight into this fascinating sport. Also great as a refresher for competition pilots!
Moreover, this year we are proposing the Loop-In session during the HSAC in order to offer the opportunity of getting the REAL VIBE !
SAVE THE DATE – 6th of May 2023 in Yverdon (LSGY)
Reserve date 13th of May 2023.

Part 1

What is competition aerobatics. Theory and general information about competition flying provided by an experimented pilot and/or by a judge. Location: Theory Room Yverdon airfield.

Part 2

Flying day in Yverdon (LSGY).  Attendance of Theory session is a prerequisite.
1 flight per participant with Extra 200.

Event sponsored by the SAA (flights and lunch) and is free for participants.

Conditions for participation:

– License valid PPL (with or without Acro extension)
– No prior experience of competition necessary

Maximum 10 participants

Depending on the weather, time constraints, the flight might be set another day after discussion the the instructor.

ANY QUESTION ? – PLEASE CONTACT Guillaume Jacquet OR Markus Leibundgut