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TDH n° 21 about the overhaul of the HB-MSA
1976-1980 Various pictures

The SAA Milestones

1970 Fondation of the SAA (December 15). Introduction of the Elite, Promotion and Espoirs Categories.

1972 Buying the first Acrostar, the HB-MSA.

1974 Buying the second Acrostar, the HB-MSB.

1978 Christian Schweizer is Swiss Aerobatic Champion powered and glider !

1982 Destruction of the HB-MSB in Pau (Eric Müller during an airshow, September 19).

1983 The HB-MSA is bought by 3 SAA members, the plane is based in La Côte (1984), then Yverdon.

1985 Eric Müller is ranked 3rd at the 5th European Aerobatic Championships (best swiss result).

1985 Christian Schweizer is Swiss Aerobatic Champion powered and glider !

1986(?) Introduction of the Sportmen Category between Espoirs and Promotion.

1986 Christian Schweizer is ranked 5th at the 15th World Aerobatic Championships (best swiss result).

1987 Eric Müller is ranked 3th at the 6th European Aerobatic Championships (2nd best swiss result).

1988 New Aresti Catalogue. Eric Müller did a lot of work for it.

1988 Eric Müller is the Overall Winner of the Unknown Programmes at his last WAC in Red Deer, Canada.

1990 Death of Eric Müller (June 16).

1990 Organisation of World Aerobatic Championships in Yverdon from July 29 to August 11.

1991 The SAA “Eric Müller Trophy” for the Advanced Category Winner is first presented at CS/SM 1991.

1994 The CIVA “Eric Müller Trophy” for the Overall Winner of the Unknown Programmes is first presented at WAC 1994.

1998 Introduction of categories according the FAI-CIVA and categories names : Sportsman (Espoirs), Intermediate (Sportsmen), Advanced (Promotion) and Unlimited (Elite).

1998 Death of  Christian et Daniel Schweizer in a accident with a Mustang P-51 (September 3).

2003 The “Christian Schweizer Trophy” for Freestyle is first presented at CS/SM 2003.

2005 Introduction of SAA/MSW Acro Cup

2006 Organisation of the 15th European Aerobatic Championships 2006 in Grenchen. Swiss Unlimited Team ranking : 3rd.

2012 SAA/MSW Acro Cup becomes Hamilton Trophy

2019 Introduction of Excellence Category, between Advanced and Unlimited. First presentation of new SAA Trophies for Sportsman, Intermediate, Excellence and Unlimited Categories.

2020 Hamilton Trophy becomes Hamilton Swiss Aerobatic Cup

2024 Death of Pierre Marmy (March 27).

The Former SAA Presidents


The Greatest Swiss Champions

1930’s and 1940’s

Albert Fischer, 3x Swiss Champion

Francis Liardon, 3x Swiss Champion


Fritz Hügli, 3x Swiss Champion

Albert Rüesch, 4x Swiss Champion


Arnold Wagner, 5x Swiss Champion

1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s

Eric Müller, 9x Swiss Elite Champion

Christian Schweizer, 15x Swiss Elite Champion

2000’s, 2010’s and 2020’s

Pierre Marmy, 10x Swiss Unlimited Champion
Pierre Marmy, 8x Swiss Freestyle Champion

Bruno Müller, 5x Swiss Unlimited Champion
Bruno Müller, 1x Swiss Freestyle Champion


Tail slide was already a “must” !



1st WAC, Bratislava

Albert and Hansrüedi Rüesch  at the 1st WAC in 1960 (18th and 28th). Albert was the oldest pilot (51).


In 1969, the first Swiss National Team was formed by AéCS, which brought together Arnold Wagner, Eric Müller, Christian Schweizer, Michel Brandt, Denis Hügli and Alexandre Leitner.

The following year, three of these members of the Swiss National Team decided to buy the brand new and revolutionary Acrostar, developed and designed by Arnold Wagner. The riders were: Eric Müller, Christian Schweizer and Alexandre Leitner. The Swiss Aerobatic Association was born.

The SAA was founded on 15 December 1970 in Riehen (BS) at the home of Eric Müller.

1971 First SAA Statutes


The first SAA Acrostar, HB-MSA

Picture by Brian Bickers, La Ferté-Alais (1989)


The second SAA Acrostar, HB-MSB

Picture by Tom Cole in 1980 in EGTC

Picture by Stuart Jessup in 1975 in LSZG

“Le Temps de Hélices n°21”, p. 6-15, about the latest overhaul of the HB-MSA.


World Championships 1976 at Kiev, USSR.

JP Freiburghaus, R. Stoudmann, L. Brandt, M. Brandt, M. Lack, E. Müller, U.Flashmann, C. Lafranchi and C. Sagne

Monika Lack in HB-MSA

HB-MSA and HB-MSB in Kiev, USSR

Training camp in Til Châtel


World Championships 1978 at Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.

Georges Brocard, Christian Schweizer, Pierre Burdet, Werner Schiller, Michel Brandt

Georges Brocard, Michel Brandt, Pierre Burdet, Werner Schiller, Christian Schweizer

Michel Brandt and Christian Schweizer at WAC 1978

Georges Brocard

Pierre Burdet

Werner Schiller

Jean-Pierre Freiburghaus and his wife.

In 1978 Christian Schweizer was Swiss Aerobatic Champion in powered and glider aerobatics !


Championnat Suisse  Altenrhein. 1979.
Eric Hagander, Véronique Yerly, Georges Brocard, Christian Schweizer, Paul Taramacaz, Jean-Pierre Besson, Jean-Pierre Freiburghaus


Georges Brocard et Paul Taramarcaz in Sion


SM/CS in San Vittore. Aero-Revue 11/80.

Christian Schweizer, Eric Müller, Georges Brocard, Jean-Pierre Besson, Jacques Beyeler, Erik Hagander, Jean-Claude Rinolfi

Training camp in LonsJean-Claude Rinolfi

Training camp in Til Châtel

WAC 1980, Oshkosh, USA

Silver Team medal for Swiss Elite Team ! Christian Schweizer, Eric Müller and Michel Brandt.


SM/CS in San Vittore.

EAC 1981, Punitz, AUT

Bronze Team medal for Swiss Elite Team ! Christian Schweizer, Eric Müller and Michel Brandt.

1974-1982 (?)

HB-MSB in Ecuvillens

Jacques Beyeler, Alphonse Rotzetter, Pierre Bays, Georges Brocard, Jean-Claude Rinolfi, Véronique Yerly (right in the canopy)

Eric Müller with HB-MSB, somewhere in France during a training camp (date unknown).


SAA training camp in Lons-le-Saulnier.

Behind, left to right: Hubert Simon, Christine Genin (world champion in 1990), Daniel Gendre, Olivier De Sybourg, Georges Chevalley, André Rorbasser, Arnold Rosset, Véronique Yerly

In front, left to right: Marie-Thérèse Huguenard, François Cottier and his daughter, Jean-Pierre Grobet, Jean-Pierre Besson, Georges Brocard, Jo Gitchenko

Eric Müller crashed the HB-MSB in Pau on September 19, 1982. HB-MSB was destroyed.

“libre intégral”, p.18, reprint 1998


Due to financial problems, the SAA decided to sell the HB-MSA.

Eric Müller and Annette Carson famous “Flight Unlimited”, 1st edition. A “must have”.

EAC 1983, Ravenna, I

Swiss Elite Team won Bronze Medal : Müller Eric,  Brandt Michel, Hagander Eric.


In 1985, for the second time, Christian Schweizer was Swiss Aerobatic Champion in powered and glider aerobatics.

EAC 1985, Ceské Budéjovice, CZ

Swiss Elite Team won Bronze Medal  : Müller Eric,  Schweizer Christian, Hagander Eric


Championnat Suisse 1986 in Yverdon

Members of Aérovoltige at Championnat Suisse 1986 in Yverdon (ph. : M.T.Huguenard).
Standing : Pierre-Alain Schneider, René Piccand, Alain Berger, Jean-Pierre Besson, René Egg, Alain Grimm, Daniel Mauris.
Kneeling position : Willi Arpagaus, Eric Müller, Cédric Tétaz, Marie-Thérèse Huguenard.


Championnat Suisse 1987 in San Vittore

Eric Müller in his Extra 230

The french translation of “Unlimited flight” by Bernard Chabbert, the famous book of Eric. A “must have”.

EAC 1987, Plössen / Rosenthal Airfield, GER

Swiss Elite Team won Bronze Medal  : Müller Eric,  Schweizer Christian, Charly Burger


Walter Extra present the prototype of the Extra 300 during the Championnat Suisse 1988 in Bex.

Giustino Scalfo and Walter Extra with the Extra 300

Giustino Scalfo is having a flight lesson with Eric Müller in the Cap 10 HB-SAV.

1988 SAA documents

“Why aerobatics ?” by Eric Müller.

Check-list for camps/competition (still valid !)


Competition pilot


Les aventures de Dan Cooper “La vrille”, Dargaud edition.

With an genuine drawing of Albert Weinberg, tribute to these 4 pilots who made an air show in Château-d’Oex in 1989.

EAC 1989, Bekescsaba, H

Swiss Elite Team won Bronze Medal  : Müller Eric,  Schweizer Christian, Nils Hagander


AeroRevue tribute to Eric Müller (deceased June 16, 1990) and an interview of Christian Schweizer.

Test flight of the brand new Sukhoi 26 M by Christian Schweizer at the end of the WAC 1990 in Yverdon.

WAC 1990 in Yverdon

From July 29 to August 11, 1990

The 29th of July, the 1st Breitling Master started with :
80 pilots
80 volunteers per day, just for the competition, mainly SAA members


In memoriam Eric Müller

Eric Muller, the Overall Unknowns World Champion 1988, was the coach of the Swiss team for many years. He was the initiator and organiser of the WAC 1990 in Yverdon. He died, of natural causes, a few weeks before the start of the WAC.

Nikolai Nikitiuk (RUS), Claude Bessière (FRA) and Patrick Paris (FRA).

Helvetia statue, symbol of Switzerland, built on the airfield for the WAC 1990.

Competitor’s Oath read by Nils Hagander youngest WAC participant.

Swiss Elite Team 1990, top, left to right : Christian Schweizer, Nils Hagander, Marie Thérèse Huguenard (judge), Eric Hagander, Annie Bucci (judge assistant), Pierre Marmy. In front, left to right : Pierro Bucci (chief judge), Daniel Schweizer (pilot assistant) and Jean-Pierre Besson.

Swiss delegation parade.

According to the tradition of the pilots Nikitiuk and Besson exchange a flight on their respective planes.

According to the tradition of the pilots Nikitiuk and Besson exchange a flight on their respective planes.

A group of Canadian pilots and volunteers known in Red Deer in 1988 came to meet their Swiss friends in Yverdon.

Christine Genin (F) 1990 Free Program World Champion and Christian Lesage.

Swiss Elite Team 1990, left to right : Nils Hagander, Pierre Marmy, Christian Schweizer, Jean-Pierre Besson and Eric Hagander.

Swiss Elite Team 1990, top, left to right : Christian Schweizer, Pierre Marmy and Nils Hagander. In front, left to right : Daniel Schweizer (pilot assistant), Jean-Pierre Besson and Eric Hagander.


CS/SM 1994, Bex, Promotion final ranking

Left to right : Pierre-Alain Schneider, Alain Berger, Georges Brocard and Joachim Lugemwa

CS/SM 1994, Bex, Sportsmen final ranking

Left to right : Pierre-Alain Schneider, Olivier Favre, …, …

WAC 1994, Debrecen, H

Unlimited Swiss National Team :

Pilots : Christian and Daniel Schweizer, Christoph Koella, Paul Boshung and Pierre Marmy,

Peter Gafner (Coach), Franz Studer (Judge)


The trophy was first presented in 1994 (offered by SAA).

First winner was Xavier de Lapparent (F).

This CIVA’s trophy is presented to the Overall Winner of the Unknown Programmes at the World Aerobatic Championships. Eric had won this flight at his last WAC in Red Deer, Canada, in 1988


AeroRevue SAA 25th Anniversary


HB-MSR, the Cap 231 EX flown by Daniel Schweizer in Championnat Suisse in Bex. HB-MSO right behind.

Sukhoi 31M with Paul Boshung and Olivier De Sybourg (CS 1997)

Christian Schweizer at take-off with HB-MSC his Extra 231 EX (CS 1997)

Brand new painting for HB-SAV (CS 1997)

Jérôme Cusin and Gilles Küpfer in front of HB-MSC (CS 1997)

1st World Air Games. Antalya , Turquie, en 1997
Marie-Té Huguenard, Pierre Marmy, Daniel Schweizer, Nicole, Peter Gafner, Christian Schweizer, Georges Brocard

WAC 1998, Trencin, CZ

Swiss National Unlimited Team 1998

Georges Brocard, Peter Gafner, Pierre Marmy, Olivier Favre, Christian and Daniel Schweizer

Daniel and Christian Schweizer in Trencin two weeks before the accident.

Bronze Team medal for Swiss Unlimited Team ! Christian Schweizer, Daniel Schweizer and Pierre Marmy.


CS/SM in Lodrino

Paul Boshung’s Sukhoï 31

Brigitte Delasalle’s Sukhoï 31

Pierre Marmy’s Sukhoï 26


Dominic Andres

Dominic Andres and Markus Rüesch

Jacques Sanche

Christian Schweizer’s Cap 231 Ex

Alexandre Crettenand

On September 3, at the end of the CS/SM 1998 Christian and Daniel Schweizer

died in an accident during the ferry to Ticino of the P-51 Mustang “Temptation”, HB-RCW (former F-AZJM).

Probably the saddest day of all aerobatic history in Switzerland.

Considering the SR 111 crash near Halifax on September 2, this was probably the saddest week in swiss aviation history.

F-AZJM in Duxford, pilot Christophe Jacquart (picture autor unknown).

WAC 2000, Le Muret, F

Georges Brocard just gave the Eric Müller Trophy to Mikhail Mamistov.

Gilbert Droz and Georges Brocard

AWAC 2000, Grossenheim, D

Swiss Advanced Team 2000

Dominic Andres, Markus Rüesch, Max Ungricht (Team Manager) and Matthias Glutz

CS/SM 2000 in Môtiers

WAC 2001, Burgos, S

Unlimited Swiss Team 2001 :
Olivier Favre, Georges Brocard, Gilbert Droz, Pierre Marmy
Max Ungricht, Peter Gafner, Bruno Müller

Pierre Marmy, Bruno Müller, Peter Gafner and Olivier Favre


Judges line at CS/SM 2002 in Lodrino

Aldo Marengo, Georges Chevalley, Jürgen et Silvia Leukefeld, Georges Brocard, Christophe Petitpierre, Francis Itier, Rösli Chevalley and Stephan Pailler.

EAC 2002, Lituania

Swiss Unlimited Team 2002

Gilbert Droz, Bruno Müller, Max Ungricht, Peter Gafner, Georges Brocard, Pierre Marmy, Olivier Favre


CS/SM 2003 Results

Dominic Andres


Programmheft/Carnet de fête 2004

CS/SM 2004 in Bex


In 2004, 17 Sportsman were registered !

GVMC SPO Team 2004 : Alain Avanthay, Samuel Stragiotti, Hanspeter Fischer, Christophe Ruppen, Samuel Pesse, Rachid Kebli and Philipp Bachmann.







Programmheft/Carnet de fête SM/CS 2005

The CS/SM 2005 was disturbed by the accident (30.08.2005) of the Captain Jean-Michel Delorme (EVAA) during the “Championnats de France de Voltige” in St-Yan : his Cap 232 was destroyed in flight due to a mechanical rupture. All Cap 231/232 were immediately grounded. All the swiss pilots were very concerned by this dramatic and exceptionally rare accident.

Dominic Andres blew up a tire !

Freestyle podium (left to right) : Gaby Schifferle, Suzanne Vogelsang, Pierre Marmy, Markus Ruesch and Dominic Andres


Unlimited podium (left to right) : Markus Ruesch (3rd), Pierre Marmy (1st) and Dominic Andres (2nd)


CS/SM in Môtiers






Judges board
From L to R : Catherine Maunoury, Fabio Franco, Aldo Marengo, Nathalie Brunet (vidéo), Hermann Van Oos,
Georges Brocard, Pierre-Alain Schneider, Georges Chevalley, Rösli Chevalley and Simon Hubert.

Pictures : Jean-Charles Sautaux, Christophe Courvoisier, Andrew Birch and Pierre-Alain Schneider

Remark : we’ve got largely enough pictures to do a nice photobook. If interested, contact the President.

EAC 2006, Grenchen

Unlimited Swiss Team, 3rd.


CS/SM in Birrfeld

Was wet and cloudy…

WAC 2007 in Granada, S

Swiss Unlimited Team : Hanspeter Rohner (pilot), Pierre Marmy (pilot),
Georges Brocard (judge) and Georges Chevalley (judge assistant)

Svetlana Kapanina (World Champion 2007), Georges Brocard and Georges Chevalley

Georges Brocard, Ramon Alonso (World Champion 2007) and Georges Chevalley.


CS/SM in Porrentruy

Was rainy and cloudy…


“Championnat Suisse de voltige aérienne” and “Schweizermeisterschaft im Motorkunstflug” become “Swiss National Aerobatic Championship”

SNAC 2009, Yverdon

Was cloudy, cold and windy.

WAC 2009 Silverstone, UK

Swiss Unlimited Team 2009 :

Gaby Schifferle, Dominic Andres, Nils Hangander, Pierre, Marmy,
Hanspeter Rohner and Max Ungricht (Team Manager)

Was cloudy, cold, windy and tragic.

Vicki Cruse (USA) died on August 22, 2009 in a dramatic accident with a borrowed Zivko Edge 540 during the WAC.


SNAC 2010, Fricktal-Schupfart

EAC 2010, Touzim, CZ

Was wet, cold and cloudy.

Swiss Unlimited Team 2010 :

Pilots : Jérôme Cusin, Pierre Marmy, Hanspeter Rohner and Gaby Schifferle.

Coach and warm-up pilot : Nicolas Ivanoff

Support : Aziz Boussalem and Wolfram Edinger

Particularities : 2 planes were destroyed due to landings in very soft part of the runway
(the Cap 231 F-GGYZ of Gianfranco Cilliario and the Cap 232 F-GXCP of Hanspeter Rohner).
Renaud Ecalle died in a plane accident less a month later.


SNAC 2011, Bex

Was hot and stormy !

WAC 2011, Foligno, I

Was hot and sunny !

Swiss Unlimited Team 2011 :

Pilots : Jérôme Cusin, Pierre Marmy and Hanspeter Rohner.

Team Manager : Daniel Götschi


SNAC 2012, Lodrino

EAC 2012, Dubnica, CZ

Swiss Unlimited Team : Jérôme Cusin, Hanspeter Rohner and Pierre Marmy
Georges Brocard (judge) and Sophie Martel (judge assistant)

Hanspeter Rohner, Pierre Marmy and Jérôme Cusin

Georges Brocard

Yoshihide Muroya (J) and Patrick Paris (F)

Sophie Martel, Fabio Franco (I) and Aldo Marengo (I)


SNAC 2013 ST-YAN, 25-31 AUGUST 2013


WAC 2015, Châteauroux, F

Swiss Unlimited Team 2015 :

Pilots : Emiliano Del Buono, Pierre Marmy, Hanspeter Rohner, Markus Rüesch and Isidor Von Arx.


EAC 2016, Moravska Trebova, CZ

Unlimited Swiss National Team 2016

Hanspeter Rohner, Patrick Paris (Coach), Emiliano & Danielle Del Buono, Pierre Marmy and Georges Brocard (Judge).


SNAC 2018 – Lodrino

SNAC Brochure 2018

HB-MSC, former Cap 231 EX of Christian Schweizer left the Swiss Museum of Transportation…

Picture by Christian Bremer

… to go in the middle of a roundabout in Grenchen !

Picture by Hans Bärtschi


“Swiss National Aerobatic Championship” become “Swiss National Aerobatic Championships


AeroRevue April 2020, SAA 50th Anniversary.

Article en français  – Artikel auf Deutsch

SAA 50th Anniversary Party

Triengen, August 22, 2020



Due to an unexpected hailstorm on 7 September 2022, SNAC 2022 was interrupted as most of the aircraft were damaged.