The SAA Endorsed Flight Instructors

SAA Endorsed Flight Instructors (SAA EFI) are SAA members, FI(A) ACR and CRI(A) ACR, recognized by the SAA as professional and responsible in their way of teaching aerobatics in Switzerland. The SAA Committee has complete confidence in those instructors and their recommendations for category promotions of pilots for the Swiss National Aerobatic Championships, the Swiss Aerobatic Cup (Hamilton Trophy) or for the Swiss National Aerobatic Freestyle Championship.

Are you a FI/CRI ACR interested to promote aerobatics and competition trough the SAA in Switzerland ? Apply here !

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You are looking for an instructor to :
to start aerobatic competition ?
or to progress in aerobatic competition ?
or simply to improve your aerobatics skill (as pilot or as FI/CRI ACR) ?
or you need an endorsement for the next Swiss National Freestyle Championship because you are not yet eligible ?

Whatever your objective, we put all our know-how at your disposal !

Find on the list below the SAA Endorsed Instructor who can help you in achieving your goal !

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