Who’s Pierre-Luc


I work at the IT division of the University of Geneva. I am mainly in charge with e-mail systems, but I’m also involved with everything related to IT security, all cloud topics and communications in general.


I was born in Ganges (France)

Date of Birth:


Why flying planes?

I’ve always been fascinated by all flying stuff but with a preference for fixed wings. Living near Geneva airport is certainly another reason: from my bedroom it was possible to see planes taking off on runway 22 and quite often we went for a walk to the “Aerobistro” to have the whole view on the airport premises…

Younger (even if I’m still a kid in my mind), I used to build and fly aircraft model for few years. For me this was a real magical approach of the third dimension.

How did you start?

At the age of 45, this passion for aviation has finally woke up perhaps due to the Mid-life crisis !

September 2010,  I booked an initiation flight on a Tecnam and this was a revelation !

Sometimes I almost regret not having had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the aviation world sooner.

For how long do you fly and what is your experience in terms of championships?

My PPL license was delivered by the end of March 2012 and I have now achieved the qualifications NVFR, ACR and MOU (ski). I have something like 560 hours of flight time …

This year was my third participation in the Swiss championships.

Why the Cap? It is Geneva’s Aero-club aerobatic plane.

Moreover I find that the Cap is a great aircraft to learn aerobatics but also to develop strong competitor’ skills. When a pilot is able to perform barrels rolls (and other figures) on the Cap, he won’t have any problem to reproduce them on another machine. However I still have a lot of things to learn about this beautiful machine !!!

If there could be only one, what would it be? Pilatus PC21

What is your favourite figures? All safety figures … why ??? Because this means that an aerobatic program will start soon …!!! 

Any quotes or short story linked to your pilot’s life you would like to share with us? Like any pilot I remember especially my first solos

On another hand, last year I lost my medical license for almost 3 months. I realized that the privilege of flying was likely to be removed very quickly and it raised me a lot of questions.

Do you have other hobbies when you are grounded? Yes: I try to devote time for my family. I also enjoy to play on my flight simulator, reading some books, practice sports and I also enjoy to discover the world with my wife.

What is your wish in terms of SAA or aerobatics in Switerland? In my humble opinion the SAA association makes a really great job : thanks to all the committee team !!!

Personally I need a training camp with a coach on the ground

It would also like to know  the competition dates for the next year as soon as possible but I understand that is a little bit difficult.

And who is the next MoM ?
Vincent Bader