Who’s Jérôme


Mechanical Engineer working in the liquefied gas industry as a CSR and QHSSE Manager 



Date of Birth: 


Why flying in competition and aerobatic flights ?
As a child I saw (among others) a demo flight by Patrick Paris, it was a fascination and a revelation for me. Moreover, at that time, it also made me question the principles of flight (and in particular for such unconventional flight…). I was able to deepen the principles a few years later in fluid dynamics courses, and then flying myself aerobatics closes now the circle, in a way…  
I think that aerobatics and competition are probably the best way to challenge yourself in setting goals and developping flight skills. 
Flying in competition was not really planned in my head before starting in aerobatics, but after joining the YAT team, it seemed quite obvious.   

How did you start ?
I started aerobatics flying at the end of the previous season (2021) and the first competition was this year during the HSAC in Yverdon. 
This event with nice people (staff, pilots, …) confirmed that it was a good idea to participate to the next HEATs and the SNAC. 

For how long have you been flying and what is your experience in terms of Championships?
I did my PPL in 2011 and started building flight experience in Ecuvillens. I joined the Air-Club Yverdon afterwards and discovered a very nice place for different aero activities, with the possibility to join the aerobatic team later. 
In terms of Championships, I’m a rookie in 2022: HSAC and SNAC 2022 are my first competitions. 

Is there some events/championships you prefer ?
I only have little experience so far… The concept of the HSAC with HEATs during the season and the block of a SNAC suits me well. 

What is your favorite figure ?  
Zwirbelturm à la Eric Müller (not yet in my own figure catalogue) 

Which plane do you fly and why?
I fly the Extra 200 of the YAT in Yverdon, a wonderful airplane. The 200 is on my opinion a very good mix of precision, reliability and also performance to cost ratio.  

What would be your objective(s)?
Stay healthy and have fun in flying aerobatics, even unlimited fun. 

Do you fly also other type of aviation/planes?
I still maintain flight experience with conventional planes in Yverdon and Ecuvillens (SuperCub, DR400, Tecnam and Cessna C172/182…) 

Any quotes or short stories linked to your pilot’s life you would like to share with us ?
For cool short stories, come in Yverdon, there is always nice people there…
Quote: Speed is life. I like the quote because many people think it is only a stereotype-class quote for adrenaline junkies, when in fact it covers the deep principle of aviation and safety. My first instructor taught me the quote, he was previously the head of the swiss investigation office and he personnally saw the consequences of forgetting it at the scenes of accidents.

Do you have other hobbies when you aren’t at the field?
Doing sports like running, mountain bike, ski touring. 
I’m still a wakeboard freak but I sold my wakeboat to reshape the priorities in my hobbies… however if you give me a rope I’ll jump in the water (no matter the temperature). 

What is your wish in terms of SAA or aerobatics in Switzerland ?
I wish that we will maintain a sustainable activity, allowing to fly and meet pilots in each region of the Switzerland. 

Who is the next MoM ?
Georges Caron