Who’s Bruno

Job: CEO of Airport Flying-Ranch Triengen and Flying-Ranch Maintenance AG Triengen, Flight Instructor, Aircraft Mechanic  (see www.flyingranch.ch), for over 30 years

Origin: Triengen (of course)

Date of Birth: nine eleven   that means  11.09.1961

Why flying planes?

Childhood dream and about the family history (please see www.flyingranch.ch)

How did you start?

with 17 years with my Firmgötti as a flight instructor I got the PPL(A), that was in 1979, Extension Aerobatics, parachutist drop, Towing Pilot, PC6 and PC 7

For how long have you been flying and what is your experience in terms of Championships?

42 years, Flight experience: 25’800 hours and 145’800 landings, thereof as flight instructor:  23’580 hours and 138’600 landings.

My first SNAC was in the year 1995 and since that I was always on the podium except twice. With the National Team I flew World-, European-Championship and World Air Games. In 2006 we reached the 3rd Rank.

What are your main results?

You’ll simply find them on my SAA EFI profile.

Why the Sukhoi?

Love at first sight :-), the best plane

If there would be only one, which would it be?

Sukhoi HB-MSS

What is your favorite figure?


Any quotes or short stories linked to your pilot’s life you would like to share with us?

1) As a pilot has completed his outside-check, I asked him, “if everything is ok”? He answered: „Yes. Ready to go.“ The pilot entered the plane and tried to start the engine. But unfortunately, the plane had no propeller!

2) A pilot landed in Triengen. When I saw something on his wing I asked him, if he always flew high enough. „Yes of course!“ he answered. But as I took a closer look at the plane, I recognized a branch (piece of a tree) hanging on his wing.

Do you have other hobbies when you are grounded?

Working on our Airport and/or Aircraft workshop  (always something to do), Family, Skiing, (Carnival)

What is your wish in terms of SAA or aerobatics in Switzerland?

More acceptance from the public

Who is the next MoM?

Lüdi Ariel F.