Loop-In 2014


Evening theory. Birrfeld or Langenthal (location to be determined by the geographical distribution of participants)
What aerobatics competition, what happens during a championship.

6/28/2014 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Flying day. This year in Bressaucourt
1-2 flights per participant VOTEC 322 and 252 (pilots Susanne Vogelsang and Markus Ruesch)
Tandem: if an aerobatic pilot wants to come with the plane he already knows.

07/05/2014 Day Reserve

Registration: until 18.06.2014 loopin@saa.ch

Event sponsored by the SAA (flights and lunch), and therefore free for participants.

Conditions for participation: – License valid PPL (with or without extension CAB)
– No prior experience of competition

Maximum 10 participants, priority registration order