SNAC and SNFC Entry Fees 2019

The SNAC Entry Fee 2019 includes :
– participation to organization costs,
– lunches from Monday to Saturday,
– the SAA Grill (on Wednesday evening),
– Final Dinner on Saturday evening,
– for eligible pilots, participation to SNFC.

The SNAC Entry Fee 2019 does not include:
– landing fees,
– fuel and oil,
– smoke oil (for SNFC),
– hotel and transportation from/to hotels,
– breakfasts and diners.

Swiss National Aerobatic Championships (SNAC)

Deadline for regular entry fee is over :
entry fee in September 850.- CHF.
*Exception for SPO passing their ACR extension later than deadline registration.

Pilots who participate in the Swiss National Freestyle Championship (SNFC) only
Pilots 100.- CHF
(Saturday lunch included).
Deadline registration and payment: September 12, 2019.

Banking details for fee payement:

8098 Zürich

Account : 80-2-2
IBAN : CH67 0027 8278 8315 4240 K
Swiss Aerobatic Association
Schuetzenmattweg 38
5610 Wohlen

Reminder :
Free (SPO, INT and EXC) and Free Known (ADV and UNL) Sequence Forms (A,B,C,L and R) have to be sent to the Free Controller before July 31, 2019. An extra time is given before missed slot penalty : August 9th, 2019, 21:59 UTC.
Send forms by e-mail to Sophie Martel.

Note from your SAA Committee:
As we are quite short on the budget due to a lack of sponsorship, all pilots are free to support the SNAC 2019 Organization by paying an extra on their entry fee. In 2019, we are targeting to maintain the entry fee to an acceptable level.