Who’s Hanspeter

Job: Communication and System Engineer

Origin: Meilen

Date of Birth: 28th of September 1951

Why flying planes?

I grew up at Schlieren, thus the former airfield Spreitenbach was in range by bicycle.

So as a young boy I experienced together with my friends the first fascinating contacts with the aviation. However, incubation time was quite long; it lasted nearly thirty years before I was grabbing the yoke of a plane. Meanwhile I got another virus, travelling in Africa whenever possible, together with my wife Eliane. But when our son was born time had come to remember.

How did you start?

I started flight training 1988 with a Cessna 152 at Buttwil. When the airfield Spreitenbach was closed, airfield Buttwil was constructed as compensation. So completing the circle was achieved. 2005 it was time for another challenge: obtaining the aerobatic license at Altenrhein. For the flight training and even for my first Swiss-Championship participation at the former airfield Porrentruy I was using a Robin R2160.

For how long do you fly and what is your experience in terms of championships?

I have a flying experience of 1300 hours in total, from that a few hundred with the Decathlon. Since 2008 I attend regularly at the Swiss- and since 2011 at the German- and Bavarian-Championship as well.

Why the Super Decathlon?

For me there is no alternative aerobatic plane available in the region east of Zurich.

What is your favorite figure?

For some reason the easiest one for me with the Decathlon: Reversement

Any quotes or short story linked to your pilot’s life you would like to share with us?

Last year in October I landed euphoric after a NVFR-flight along the illuminated shoreline at Lake Konstanz. A few hours later I got a phone call, indicating that I will be medically grounded for some months. However, everything went smooth and fine and I got my medical back again.

Do you have other hobbies when you are grounded?

Besides some intense sporting activities there is not too much time left for hobbies at the time being. Still working fulltime and taking care of my engineering office.

Who’s the next MoM ?
Pierre-Luc Boucheron