Who’s Guillaume

Job : Natural Hazards Engineer

Origin : Valais

Date of Birth : June 10th 1981

Why flying in competition and aerobatic flights

Aerobatics was the natural progression toward real 3D freedom in the air. In all my other activites, I look for precision and efficiency, so aerobatics was perfect for me. Then it’s Jérome Cusin and the wonderful team in Bex that motivated me for competition, I guess it also forces me to progress.

How did you start

Very nervously! At the SNAC2020 in Bex.

For how long have you been flying and what is your experience in terms of Championships

I started flying in 2014 then aerobatics in 2018

Is there some events/championships you prefer

I haven’t done much to prefer one… They have all been great fun, I’ve learned so much everytime and it’s so nice to see all the aerobatic crowd at the airport.

What is your favorite figure

I just learned the avalanche and I love it. It was a friday night after work, sunset over the Léman. I loved it so much that I did 5 or 6 of them in a row 🙂

Which plane do you fly and why

Extra 200, because it’s at my local airport, I love it and it’s perfect for what I do now (just writing about it makes me want to go fly!)

What would be your objectives

I hope I can get good enough to do some freestyle one day

Do you fly also other type of aviation/planes

Piper Cub to chill, and a PA-28 for passengers

Any quotes or short stories linked to your pilot’s life you would like to share with us

I remember my first aerobatic solo way better than my first solo. So much more intense! I landed the airplane and started yelling in the cockpit I was so happy! I almost keyed the radio but then I thought to myself : “negative, the pattern is full…”

Do you have other hobbies when you aren’t at the field

Lots of snowboarding when there is snow, then moutainbiking and hiking in the summer

What is your wish in terms of SAA or aerobatics in Switzerland

I really hope we will be able to practice our passion for many years to come and that technological innovations can secure aerobatics in the future (was that too cheesy ???)

Who is the next MoM ?

So many……… Aurélien Despland