Who’s Aurélien

Job: Happy founder & CEO of Ardiprod

Origin: Cossonay (VD) 

Date of Birth: 31/03/1990

 Why flying in competition and aerobatic flights ? Because this is the pure expression of the 3rd dimension

 Moreover flying competition means looking for the accuracy and the combinaison of the move.  In addition, we are on our own in the box… but there is a team on the ground behind us.

 How did you start ?

 After the PPL, I started flying old timers. Typically the Bucker… if was obvious I had to learn aerobatics in order to handle them the right way.

 Therefore I went to France in order to get the training and qualification on the Cap10.

 For how long have you been flying and what is your experience in terms of Championships?

 I’m flying since 2012 and started the competition with the SNAC in 2021.

 Is there some events/championships you prefer ?

The SNAC because it’s a longer event and you can see the profession through the week – Moreover we have more time to create great contacts with the other pilots and members.

 What is your favorite figure ? The Avalanche

 Which plane do you fly and why?

I fly the mighty Extra200 of Yverdon. This is a « real » plane which allows great precision & accuracy.

Moreover LSGY is closed to my home place.

What would be your objective(s)?

To reach the higher level as possible … the only limit will be Unlimited before I turn 80 years old 🙂

Do you fly also other type of aviation/planes?

As I said, I’m a big fan of old timers. That’s why I fly also the Morane Saunier or Piper L4 at the AMPA in Lausanne.

Do you have other hobbies when you aren’t at the field?

Drinking with my buddies on a nice terrasse 🙂 I’m also an accomplished sportman with a full dedication to biking, escrime, basket and squash !

What is your wish in terms of SAA or aerobatics in Switzerland ?

I think we should put more effort on the promotion of our sport. More promotion on the media etc… That’s a bit sad to see that we not really promoted the positive way when we are on an airport for an event. We are lacking of audience and of positive communication.

Who is the next MoM ?

Fabrice Seuret