Who’s Arnold

Introduction :

It suits me to answer your queries and tell you why I became Honorary-Member of SAA. For my profile we have to go as far back as 1962, when I won second place in the Junior-category on Bücker-131-Jungmann at the AECS-Aerobatic-Championships at Lausanne behind Urs HETTICH. In 1963 I won 1. place category (below 130HP) at Grenchen, 1964 I won 8th. Place at the 3. FAI-World-Aerobatic-Championships Bilbao on the Bücker-Lerche 180HP, 1965 I won 1. place category (more than 130HP) on my modified KZ-8 at Locarno, 1966 26. Place at the 4. FAI-WMMoscow, 1968 1. place unlimited class at Yverdon & 3. + 6. place at the 5. FAI-WM at Magdeburg DDR, 1969 1. place at Altenrhein, 1970 1. Place at Sion with my ACROSTAR-Prototype & at the 4. FAI-WM Hullavington GB 4. Place overall with highest score of all flights in the 3.= free program = 6’798,4 Pts. Having beaten the whole world of aerobatics with my ACROSTAR-construction I then retired from competiion aerobatics  by the end of 1970. Since I have written a book (in GERMAN) “ACROSTAR  KRAFTEIER + KUGELMOTOREN” about my 3 lives the in FLYING/CABIN-MOTOS/ENGINE-WORLD and some copies of the first edition are still at hand I could send you a free copy to simplify your task to know more about me.

Jobs: Swissair-Pilot 1062 thru 1990 – CEO+COB PERAVES AG 1974 thru 2010 – COB + SENIOR ENGINEER PERAVES CZ a.s. 2014 – 22

Origin: Thal SG, now living  in Winterthur

Date of Birth: 16.03.1941

Why judging the competition and aerobatic flights ?

Well, I guess I still could do it, since in 1964 the Aerocryptography System Aresti was introduced but I won’t have time, still busy with my factory.

Do you also fly?

No, stopped flying on January 24, 1991 when my ALTP expired, after ~ 16’600 flying hours, about 12’000 with airliners, 1’500 military & 3’000 General Aviation

How did you start ?

By  RC-Models + FVS (Fliegerische Vorschulung)

For how long have you been flying and what is your experience in terms of judging Championships?

From 1959 with 18 thru 1991   –   competed in ~ 20 national + int.-national Championships,  several times helped out on CH-contest when needed.

Is there some events/championships you prefer ?

Those when I have time to go and watch them

What is your favorite figure ?

Vertical 8 with 2 full rolls on the top loop – consisting in ½ positive loop upwards – ½ roll – ½ positive loop upwards – on top 2 full rolls – ½ positive loop downwards – ½ roll – positive loop downwards  – aircraft DH100

Any quotes or short stories linked to your pilot’s/judge’s life you would like to share with us ?

You can select any from my book’s several 100.

Do you have other hobbies when you aren’t at the field?

Yes, actually producing and selling my newest electrical cabin-motorcycles.

What is your wish in terms of SAA or aerobatics in Switzerland ?

From 1964 AECS-Championships were cancelled due lack of participants. Thus’ I helped Eric Müller + Alex Leitner to found SAA. Pleased that you still have my ACROSTAR in the LOGO

Who is the next MoM ?

Guess not me again…