The Judging day

The judging day is designed for judges (experimented or newcomer), pilots interested in judging criteria and competitors (national or international level).


  • to provide a refresher on the main judging criteria before season’s first competitions,
  • to inform about key changes in national and international regulations approved by CIVA during the annual meeting,
  • to better understand judges perspective to improve one’s flight in competition,
  • to train coming Swiss judges.

During the course, practical judging exercises are proposed by international judges.

The course is fully supported by SAA
(course and lunch).

Judging day 26.04.2014

Ten pilots, judges, newcomers and the sun as well were on the place in Bex (LSGB) on April 26th.

On the morning, Georges Brocard gave us a short remainder on the main rules before the first practical exercise.

Jérôme Cusin flew two programs with a series of figures proposed by Georges. Mistakes were intentionally introduced in the programs for a better understanding. After a nice lunch and the second practical exercise, some key points on the main rule changes for 2014 were pointed out by Sophie Martel. Once again the day was highly appreciated by all participants. A special thanks to Georges and Jérôme for their help, and SAA for financial support.

Thanks also to LSGB authorities for coordination and Willy Reinert for nice pictures of the event.

See you next year!